3 Celebrities Who Have Benefited from Veneers

August 8, 2023

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Celebrity on a red carpet

Sometimes it feels like celebrities are inhumanly beautiful, like there’s something that they’re doing to maintain their appearance that isn’t possible for the average person. While there are plenty of Hollywood secrets behind why movie stars look the way that they do, you’d be surprised at how many of them are also available to normal people.

For example, have you ever wondered why many celebrities seem to have an impossibly perfect smile? As it turns out, veneers are the secret behind many of them. Here are just a few examples of people you’ll recognize who have benefited from them.

Tom Cruise

One of the stunning things about Tom Cruise’s career is that he’s been a movie star for decades now and if almost seems like he hasn’t changed at all. However, his trademark smile actually has gone through some drastic changes over the years.

Cruise suffered from some serious misalignment when he was younger, and it took a lot of dental work—including veneers—to create the teeth we all know and love today.

Cardi B

It’s hard to picture Cardi B being anything but completely confident, but there was a time when her smile was a bit of a sore spot for her. That’s why one of the first major investments she made in her appearance was a set of veneers to align her teeth.

When she walks the red carpet at venues all over the world, she spares no expense in looking her best—and now she has a perfect smile to tie it all together.

Jennifer Lawrence

Of course, getting dental work done means having to take care of your restoration, and celebrities aren’t excluded from that. In a recent interview with Hot Ones, Jennifer Lawrence recounted the time bit down on a lollipop on the set of Don’t Look Up, causing her veneers to come loose.

She’s an excellent example of how veneers can be beautiful, subtle, and make a great impression. However, as her situation shows, veneers and hard candy don’t really mix.

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