Dental Patient Information – Lewisville, TX

What You Need to Know Before Your Visit

We’re glad that you’re thinking of scheduling an appointment at Sehnert Precision Dentistry and want you to know that we’re fully dedicated to making your visit stress-free and enjoyable. This page covers the basics of the initial dental visit and everything you need to know to prepare for it. Is there something you don’t understand on this page or a separate concern that you’d like to bring to our attention? You can always give our dental office a call.

Your First Dental Visit

Our front desk team will help you get checked in, and you’ll spend a short amount of time in our waiting room before we call you back for your appointment with Dr. Sehnert. We’ll ask about your reasons for visiting, evaluate your entire mouth (which will likely involve taking X-rays), and clean away any plaque and tartar that we find. If we find a problem that requires some kind of treatment, we’ll go over the necessary information with you and schedule follow-up visits as needed.

New Patient Forms

Want to have the speediest appointment possible during your first visit to Sehnert Precision Dentistry? You can shave a few minutes off the time you spend in our waiting room by downloading our new patient forms with the link below and completing them at home so that you can hand them straight to our front desk staff as soon as you arrive.

Download Our Forms

Patient Portal

You can pay for your treatment or access your patient information any time with our online patient portal. Click on the link below to enroll for an online account. All of the information in our patient portal is kept completely secure, and you are always free to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns. Please let us know if the link below doesn’t work or if you aren’t able to set up your account.

Access the Patient Portal

Dental Insurance Welcome

We are a fee-for-service dental office, which means that we are not in-network with any dental insurance plans. We do, however, accept insurance from the patients who rely on it to help pay for their care, and we will gladly file the necessary claims on your behalf as a courtesy. It is important to confirm with your insurance company what kind of coverage is available before you agree to any sort of extensive treatment.

CareCredit Financing Available

CareCredit gives patients who don’t have insurance or need extensive treatment that falls outside the scope of their insurance some more flexibility in their ability to pay for treatment. You can sign up for a low-to-no interest plan that breaks up the cost of care into monthly installments based on your budget. In many cases, CareCredit can even help you pay for treatments that aren’t normally covered under an insurance plan.

Apply for CareCredit

KLEER® In-House
Membership Plan

Even if you don’t have insurance, you can still save money on your care by signing up for our KLEER® in-house membership plan. Signing up for this plan grants you discounts on a variety of services, but unlike dental insurance, you never have to worry about an annual maximum or deductibles; all you need to do is pay the annual fee in order to enjoy the benefits of our plan for the year. Call our dental office for more information.

Apply For KLEER® Today