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Invest in Healthy Teeth and Gums

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Did you know that your oral health and overall wellness are connected? Healthy teeth and gums are essential for your well-being. Brushing and flossing are effective in reducing your risk of cavities and gum disease, but they aren’t enough to keep your mouth healthy. The American Dental Association recommends a cleaning and checkup every 6 months. Dr. Phillip Sehnert provides personalized solutions to stop common dental problems from occurring in the first place. You’ll invest in a healthy mouth and body using the latest solutions in preventive dentistry.

Why Choose Sehnert Precision Dentistry for Dental Checkups & Cleanings?

  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Advanced Technology
  • Affordable Services

Why are Regular Dental Checkups & Cleanings Important?

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Brushing and flossing remove plaque and food residue, but they can’t clean everywhere in your mouth. Tartar can accumulate in hard-to-reach areas, increasing your risk of gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss. At least 50% of adults over the age of 30 have the preventable infection.

Not to mention, not all dental problems cause symptoms right away, like tooth decay. 92% of adults will experience cavities. With no early detection or treatment, a minor issue can turn into a costly, painful, dental emergency.

Regular dental appointments protect your smile from various issues, so you’re less likely to require costly dental treatments later. For every $1 spent on prevention, you can save up to $50 on emergency and restorative care.

What to Expect During a Dental Checkup

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Your dental hygienist will be the first person to get a good look at your mouth and learn more about any concerns to relay information to Dr. Sehnert. They’ll use special dental instruments to remove plaque and tartar. They’ll also polish your teeth and may perform other preventive services, like fluoride varnish. Your hygienist may make recommendations to improve your oral hygiene routine at home. They’ll also take digital X-rays of your mouth for Dr. Sehnert to review.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

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Your dentist will take a look at your mouth and oral structures to look for any abnormalities. They’ll also check your X-rays to look for anything concerning, like decay or infections. Based on the results of your examination, Dr. Sehnert will explain if any additional care is needed, like a filling or gum disease treatment. Your dentist will monitor your oral health for early detection and treatment.

Preventive dentistry is an investment in your general wellness and reduced dental expenses. You can use your dental insurance for a cleaning and checkup twice a year for a co-payment. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. Dr. Sehnert provides many solutions to keep a healthy smile within everyone’s budget.

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