Watch Out! 4 Dangers of the Holiday Season Putting Your Smile at Risk

November 16, 2023

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Twinkling lights, nostalgic songs, generous giving—these are just some of the things that bring special joy to people during this season. In many ways, it truly is the best time of the year, but when it comes to your dental health, it is actually the worst.

What puts your smile at risk of tooth decay and damage? What seasonal trends contribute to dental trouble after the holidays are over? Keep reading to find out.

Sweet Goodies

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without delicious food. With parties, gifts, and stocking stuffers, there’s no shortage of sugary goodies available. As tempting as these may be, they encourage bad bacterial growth on your teeth, increasing your chances of decay—if you indulge in these kinds of foods too much.

If you have some holiday treats here and there, your smile can still survive without a cavity; just be sure to keep your consumption in check. Be deliberate about the foods you put on your plate and in your mouth.

Deceptive Foods

Even if you refrain from having candy, other foods with hidden sugar or processed ingredients can be just as damaging. Baked goods like fruit cake, for instance, may seem like a better option, but starch and dried fruit stick to your teeth.

Cranberry sauce, bread or rolls, and pies are more examples of sneaky foods that can wreak havoc on your smile this time of year. Hot chocolate, eggnog, and other drinks can be equally as risky to your dental health. Again, moderation in your diet is the key to controlling oral bacteria.

Irregular Schedule

While you’re traveling and celebrating with family and friends, chances are your normal routine will be thrown off. Unfortunately, your oral hygiene can suffer as a result. Even if you are tired or staying somewhere else overnight, don’t neglect to brush and floss your teeth. These little habits clear off food debris and plaque, preventing cavities from forming. If you skip this routine, cavities become significantly more likely.

Colder Temperature

Not all dental problems are related to cavities. With the temperature dropping, especially if you’re visiting someone up north, you may find that you clench your teeth when facing the bitter cold. Although your teeth consist of strong enamel, they can only withstand so much force and stress before they crack or chip.

When you go outside, make sure you’re dressed warmly and try to breathe through your nose as usual. If you realize you’re clenching your teeth, relax your jaw to take pressure off your teeth.

The holiday season doesn’t have to put your dental health at risk, and taking care of your smile doesn’t have to keep you from fully enjoying this time of year. With a little more awareness and conscious choices, you can have both!

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