Not Just Seniors: People Who Can Benefit from Dentures

January 6, 2024

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Dentures have a reputation for being associated with seniors. This is because dentures in particular are a method of replacing teeth typically reserved for those who are missing most or all of them. This is a condition that is certainly very common among older people, it’s not exclusive to them.

There are in fact plenty of other people who can seriously benefit from what dentures have to offer, but who might overlook them. Here are some examples.

Pregnant Women

Being prepared for pregnancy is tricky for any prospective parent, coming with all kinds of drawbacks that you might not necessarily be ready for. One is that during pregnancy, it’s common for oral health to suffer, sometimes even leading to tooth loss.

If you’re looking to replace teeth lost during pregnancy, this can be difficult when you’re on the mend; dentures afford you a way to do this easily, without the need for surgery or modifying any surrounding teeth.

Young Athletes

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to wind up in an accident that causes you to lose a tooth. This is especially true for young athletes, who tend to be a little bit more reckless in a way that can easily send them to the dentist’s office.

Dental implants are one of the most often-recommended methods of replacing teeth, but for young people whose jaws are still growing, they aren’t necessarily an option. For this reason, partial dentures can be an excellent stopgap, especially since they don’t require you to make any permanent changes to the teeth.

Gum Disease Patients

While gum disease is common among older people, they’re far from the only people who can be susceptible to it. It’s unfortunately something that people of all stripes deal with, and can lose the majority of their teeth to.

Dentures are one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable methods of replacing all of your teeth at once, no matter what age you are. They’re an excellent solution for all kinds of people; they could even be just right for you!

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Dr. Phillip Sehnert has been practicing dentistry for well over 40 years, and he still comes to work every single day deeply committed to being able to help his patients smile their brightest. It brings him enormous joy to be able to work with a dental team he can trust, doing work that brings him enormous satisfaction. Dr. Sehnert received his degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas for his Doctor of Dental Surgery and is a proud member of the American College of Dentistry.

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